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About Me

Hi, My name is Jasmine Grace.

I have been pole dancing since April 2010. I am primarily self-taught via YouTube and pole dancing DVD's. I found it much easier to learn new moves from people who were around my skill level. I struggled in the beginning. It was overwhelming and sometimes discouraging to watch the professionals dance. They made it look so easy and natural. It caused me to think that I could never become as good as them. Though I may not be a professional, I believe I have come a long way. I built this website to prove that you can too! My main goal is to help educate self-taught pole dancers. As a beginner it can be really hard to find information about pole dancing on the internet. I have learned so much since i started dancing and it would be such a waste not to share it.

I'm here to help. Message me personally at @Jasmine



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