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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

A young girl from America with a passion for pole dancing. I have a figure skating background and a BFA in Graphic Design.

Is it better to dance barefoot or in heels?

I prefer to dance barefoot. Heels help you to point your toe, and certain boots can help enhance your grip on the pole. Learning moves barefoot first is recommended.

What is the best type of pole to use?

I use an xpert xpole. I recommend this pole to everyone. It is fully removable, and you can switch it back and forth between stationary and spinning mode. It also comes in multiple finishes and sizes.

Is it harder to learn moves on a spinning or stationary pole?

Beginners tend to think that spinning mode can make moves easier, especially spins. This isn't necessarily true. Although the spinning pole can help you to rotate more times around, it also makes spins harder to control. The constant force is pulling you outward making it harder to hold onto the pole. It is also hard to control the speed of your spin. Inverted moves can also be more difficult to perform in spinning mode. I recommend learning all moves in stationary mode first.

How did you learn to pole dance?

I learned to pole dance by watching my peers on youtube. I found it much easier to learn new moves from people who were around my skill level. I struggled in the beginning. It was overwhelming and sometimes discouraging to watch the professionals dance. They made it look so easy and natural. It caused me to think that I could never become as good as them. Though I may not be a professional, I believe I have come a long way. I built this website to prove that you can too!

What is the best way to treat pole kisses and bruises?

You can treat minor bumps and bruises with an ice pack. Wrap the ice pack in a towel or cloth to prevent frost bite. Apply for 10 minutes. Repeat as needed. There are also many herbal creams around to help with bruising.

How and where do I start?

It depends on your financial situation and your confidence level. I recommend taking lessons from a professional but like the majority of us that may not be in the budget. Pole Dancing Studios are also far and few between. Check online for a studio near you. If you own a pole at home already, there are numerous instructional DVD's out there. Check out my links section. Youtube can also be helpful, as that is how I learned to pole dance, but Youtube generally lacks the instruction. Most of the time you are watching someone dance, not watching them break down the moves. It is generally safer to learn pole dancing in a studio because there are spotters around and a teacher to guide you. I hope this website can serve as an instructional aid for you as well.

How do I know my pole is safe?

Check the instruction manual that came with your pole for saftety guidelines. Double check that all parts were installed correctly. Make sure that your pole is level and located on a ceiling joist. Try pulling on the pole with all of your weight in different directions. After these precautions try dancing around your pole and take it slow until you feel that the pole is completely secure.

Can I lose weight by pole dancing?

It is very possible to lose weight once you begin pole dancing. Some girls report gaining weight after they begin because of muscle gain. However your body will appear more toned and you may even lose inches. The pounds aren't important anyway. I threw away my scale. It is all about confidence!

How do I become more flexible on the pole?

Stretching everyday! Hold a stretch for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat each stretch three times.

What is the best thing to wear while pole dancing?

Beginners do not need as much skin to grip the pole. If you are just starting out, yoga pants and a tank top will work great. When you start climbing and inverting you may want to switch to shorts and a tank or a sports bra. Showing more skin makes it easier to stick to the pole.

Do you use any grip enhancers?

I do not use any grip enhancers, nor have I experimented with any. However, I hear that they can be helpful. Boots and gloves can also be worn to increase your grip.

How much space do I need for a pole?

I recommend anywhere from a 4-6 foot radius.

Do I need a previous dance or fitness background to begin pole dancing?

No previous experience is required to start pole dancing. Start slow and listen to your body. Rest inbetween pole sessions.

What is the average weight limit on poles?

Around 250 lbs. Be sure to check the instruction manual that came with your pole to be sure.

How often can I pole dance?

Even though it can be tempting to dance everyday when you have a pole in the convenience of your own home, your body will thank you if you take it easy. I recomend pole dancing 2-4 times a week, and reserving the other days for stretching or floor work.

Pole Diameter? 45mm or 50mm?

When ordering a pole sometimes they give you an option in diameter. Generally where I am from it is 45mm or 50mm. 45mm can be better for people with smaller hands. However when you get into inverted moves there will be less pole for your legs to stick to. Things to consider when purchasing a pole.

Which pole finish is best for me?

There are a lot of finishes out there. Chrome, Titanium Gold, Brass, Stainless Steel, and Powder Coated. So how do you know which to pick? Brass is the stickiest and Titanium Gold is designed to emulate that grip. However, in stationary mode they can get too grippy. Powder coated has a medium grip. Chrome poles provide a good grip for spinning and stationary mode when warmed up. Stainless Steel poles are the least sticky, and of the cheapest quality.


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