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Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a performing art. It takes dancing and gymnastics onto a vertical pole. Pole dancing requires a significant amount of strength, flexibility and endurance. A combination of dancing, spins, climbs, body inversions, slides and holds make pole dancing all that it is. Advanced moves require a lot of upper body and core strength. Pole dancing is a great form of exercise and can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout. As pole dancing increases in popularity, schools and federations are forming and putting standards into place. Pole Dancing isn't just used in gentleman's clubs anymore!

Dance Poles

The standard dance pole typically consists of a hollow pole with circular cross section, running from floor to ceiling. The diameter is usually around 40-50 mm allowing it to be gripped comfortably with one hand. Another common pole is the spinning pole. The purpose of this pole is to create better momentum and higher rates of speed, in order to have a greater dramatic effect. It is much harder to learn controlled moves in spinning mode so I recommend a pole that is interchangeable between static and spinning mode. It is important to learn a move on a static pole first.

Poles come in a variety of finishes. The most common are stainless steel, chrome, powder coated, titanium gold, and brass. Each material surface has different gripping properties. Stainless steel is a good durable material. Chrome Poles provide a decent grip once they have been warmed up. Powder Coated poles are said to have more grip than a chrome pole but less than a titanium gold pole. Titanium gold poles are designed to emulate the grip of a brass pole, but most report that they aren't as grippy. Brass poles provide the most friction, allowing for the best grip. However the friction can cause some extra wear and tear on your hands.

Poles can be held in place by using threading to brace them against a ceiling joist or by pressure. My pole is set up using tension, so it can be easily removed. I own the x-pert x-pole and it also has the option to put the pole in spinning mode. I highly recommend this pole. It is safe, sturdy, and fully adaptable.


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