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Plank in Intermediate Moves

5 years ago ( 1415 views )

no description

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hee hee me and leanne have done this now, one of us will upload soon as get pic, and manda your right it is easy once you try it! xx 5 years ago
ha easy! if you have the nerve maybe! xx 5 years ago
That looks scary! I don't have any local pole buddies to try it out with yet but I just got a job at a pole studio teaching parties to start out so I might gain some friends to do doubles with from that! I'm so anxious to try it! 5 years ago
Yes, that's me, but it's really quite easy cause once your friend puts her weight on your legs, it kinda locks you into position! You should try it! :) 5 years ago
WOW! The person doing the plank has both arms off of the pole right?
5 years ago


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