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Allegra in Advanced Moves

5 years ago ( 5149 views )

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i take my leg off the pole last and straighten it if thats any help xx 5 years ago
i take my leg off the pole last and straighten it if thats any help xx 5 years ago
@Slinkerbell I would definitely try getting the Allegra with your upper leg still on the pole first. It makes me feel so much more secure. With the Allegra, alot of it has to do with positioning. If I am not in the same exact position almost every time I can't reach behind the pole without the pinching/burning feeling. You will get it. You just need to find your sweet spot. 5 years ago
I keep trying and keep failing, might try keeping my leg on the pole for extra support whilst getting my torso in to position, I can sort of get there and even get my hand on/round the pole now but as soon as I reach for my foot the burn on my skin becomes unbearable...maybe because I am very bruised and sore from keep trying! Maybe will have a break and go back to it, I will get there, even if the strain kills me! xx 5 years ago
Some days it is really easy for me to reach behind the pole and grab my foot and other days it isn't. I have found that when my torso is perpendicular to the pole, much like in this picture, I can grab my foot with more ease. 5 years ago
Sarah this is great, I so want to do it and well can't, I can get hold of my straight leg and hold there but can't for the life of me bend round the pole to reach my other leg. Superb move! xx 5 years ago
I hadnt quiet finnished straightenin my leg when she took the photo. I was trying this at @mandas house but home poles seem to be slippier, it was much easier at the studio so I didn need the extra support. Its a complicated one isnt it!! 5 years ago
This looks great! I am still trying to get my upper leg off the pole at this moment. I am pretty content with it staying there for extra support for now though lol. 5 years ago


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